3D environment allows you to create objects in a 3 dimensional space.

What would it be used for?

* 3 dimensional still models, landscape

* To represent buildings, objects etc (architecture, print, etc)

* 2 dimensional animations

* for Film/Video effects

* 3 dimensional virtual spaces


* Interactive 3d theaters

* Interactive games SEGA, PLAYSTATION…

It is widely used by animators and designers for the film, games, broadcast, web and advertising industries as well as by engineers and architects to visualize their products, packaging, and architectural designs. We all know that 3d can be applied in our daily lives just like drawing something making that as if you can touch the picture. Also 3d can help us to easy understand what really is the picture,story or movie all about.


REFERENCE : http://www.imagearts.ryerson.ca/abal/lectures/3D/3d_intro.htm